Fresno Camera Club at the Fresno Fair 2016

Jonathan Rollins

Venus over Bloodmoon Eclipse            1st               Color Photographer’s Choice

Snowy Day in Yosemite                            1st               Monochrome Landscape

Yosemite Dogwood                                   2nd             Monochrome Flowers

Golden Winter Yosemite                        2nd             Color Landscape

Upper Yellowstone                                    3rd              Monochrome Landscape

Oak Tree                                                        HM              Color Plants and Trees

Bison                                                               HM              Color Animals

Elephant Wall Cambodia                        HM              Color Architecture


Jim Sanderson

Etosha Pan Sunrise                               1st               Color Sunrise/Sunset

Mustache Bird                                        2nd             Color Animals

Foggy Morning                                       2nd             Monochrome Digital Manipulation

Black Necked Stilts                               3rd              Monochrome Animals

Sunrise Oak                                             HM              Color Trees

Eureka Dunes                                         HM              Color Digital Manipulation

Mono Lake Tufa                                     HM              Color Landscapes

Egrets                                                         HM              Color Animals


Art Serabian

Good Job Vanado                                 2nd             Monochrome Photojournalism

Metal, Glass and Light #5                   3rd              Monochrome Architecture

Chevy Rust No 3                                    HM              Color Transportation

SS Palo Alto                                             HM              Color Photographer’s Choice

Small Boats, Big Sky                             HM              Monochrome Landscape


David Hunter

Springville Rodeo                                 1st               Monochrome Photojournalism

Universal Love                                       HM              Color Humans

Horsetail Love                                       HM              Color Sunrise/Sunset

Circle of Life                                           HM              Color Trees

Diane Williams

Umbrellas in the Trees                       1st / JC       Color Still Life

Springtime Tulips                                 3rd              Color Flowers

Derailed                                                   3rd              Color Transportation

On Board Elegance                               HM              Color Photographers Choice

Elizabeth Bedard

Pitcher and Basin                                  2nd             Monochrome Still Life

Shell Trio                                                  3rd              Monochrome Still Life

Downtown Fresno Loft                       HM              Monochrome Architecture


Steve Jordan

University of Alaska Museum          2nd             Monochrome    Architecture

Hey Wake Up!                                         HM              Color Animals


Carol LaGue

Starburst                                                   1st               Color Creative


Patrick Rhames

Snowcap in the Merced                      3rd              Professional


 Harris Hays

No Time for Shopping                          HM              Color Photographer’s Choice

Full Moon Honfluer Harbor                HM              Color Landscape


Nikolle Brown

White Sulphur Butterfly                      HM              Color Macro


Dennis Simonson

Ditch Day Work                                       HM              Color Humans

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