Program Night

October's Featured Artist is  Ellie Koleen.

Ellie is a lifestyle, wedding, and brand photographer based in Fresno, California. An artist behind the lens shooting both medium format film and digital, her trademark airy, light-filled style makes her work easily recognizable. She uses her love for all things design related as inspiration for her work, and you can find her traveling any opportunity she gets to capture stories for her clients. Over the last four years, The Fresno Bee has named Ellie Best Photographer for the People’s Choice Awards. You can find her at or @elliekoleen on Instagram. image.png

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Featured Artist Program Night Recordings:

Patrick Rhames

Ning Lin       

David Hunter 

Franka Gabler

Ron Holman  

Paul Mullins  

John Martin  

Richard Harrison

Brent Paull  

Jim Sanderson

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