All prints entered in each division are judged as one (1) class, and subject is Open unless otherwise specified.


Print Divisions

1. Color: Images are photographed by the maker; printed by the      maker either in the dark room, on maker’s computer, or by commercial laboratory.

2.  Monochrome:  Black and white prints are photographed by the maker, printed by the maker either in the dark room, on maker’s computer, or by a commercial laboratory.


Number of Prints 

A member may enter a total of three (3) prints in each competition, and prints entered may be divided between Color and Monochrome, or all in either division.

Print Preparation:

Prints must be mounted, and may be matted, but may not be framed.  Mount board (or foam core) should be used to support the print.


Print Sizes:

Prints in both divisions:

 Minimum   5 x 7 excluding a mat

 Maximum  16 x 20 including a mat.


Identification (Labeling):

The following information is to be on the form that is applied to the back of the print in the upper left corner: (form available on FCC website)

a. Division entered i.e. Color or Monochrome

b. Title of Print

c. Maker’s name

In addition, the long form containing the same information must be submitted with each print at least 15 minutes before start of the meeting.

Print Competition Forms:

Picture Labels - Writeable

Picture Labels - Typeable

Entry Form - Writeable

Entry Form - Typeable