To Become a "Creative You" by M. Craig Carver, FPSA, PPSA


The Point and Shoot Syndrome may be the major cause of mediocre photographs produced by amateur photographers – and it’s an easy habit to get into!


This is especially true in color photography because what you see in your viewfinder is so colorful that you have to ‘point and shoot’ before it gets away.  So, click goes the shutter, and you have another mediocre photo.


The ‘Creative You’ is all it takes to correct the Point and Shoot Syndrome.  The ‘Creative You’ has to become involved in the process.  Your creative thoughts must precede pressing of the shutter.  Take time to think about the photo you wish your camera to record.  Think about:



Try new ways of photographing the same old subjects.  Photograph your subjects from several different viewpoints.  You may be surprised at the resuts.

The next time you go out with your camera instead of 'Point and shoot' - Stop - Point - and involve the "Creative You" - and then shoot.  The results will not be mediocre.  They will become better and better and better.  With the "Creative You" process, good results are guaranteed.


Whether you are a casual or more serious photographer, never lose sight of the fact that photography is fun!


Note: Reprinted with permission of M. Craig Carver, of Portland, OR, judged the recent San Joaquin Valley International Exhibition in March.