Watermarking Online Images by Craig J. Hadfield

I use Photoshop CS2 and set up a custom brush to use for watermarking images I wish to protect. I do this by:

1. In Photoshop click new, create a new image approximately 400 x 400 pixels

2. Select the text style and the font you want then type whatever you want. I suggest that when you create your signature for the custom brush use white type and create a black drop shadow. When you apply signature to the photo via the brush tool change the mode to either screen (dark photo area) or multiply (light photo area). Screen will lighten the area of the photo beneath the drop shadow; multiply will darken it. There will not be any change caused by the white text. The result is a very subtle signature which appears to be blind embossed into the photo rather than rubber stamped.

3. Go to edit, define brush, call it a suitable name and click ok/save.

4. Get a photo you want to ’stamp’, select the brush you have created in the brush menu, adjust size, color etc. and ’stamp’ your image with your protective mark!

To include the © symbol in the watermark hold down the alt key while entering 0169 then press enter.