Program Night:

November 14, 2017

Topic:  San Joaquin Valley International, Nature Division, come and see images from photographers around the world

March 14, 2017

Topic:  Sizing and naming your images for digital competitions.  Q&A on Photosphop.

May 10, 2016

Topic:  Lighting models put on by Aaron Rogers of Horn Photo.

Previous Program Nights:

April 8, 2016

Shelley Stone gave a presentation on Photoshop Elements and Creative Photography.

February 9, 2016

Tonight we will be doing a print critique, so bring a couple of prints in to be judged.  It is up to you whether you will receive a score with your critique or not.  We will also have mentors and discuss matting your images.

January 12, 2016

The program for January was a presentation on Lightroom by Aaron Rogers.  The program had great information and was well attended

No program night in June, check back in July!

May 12, 2015

The program for May was the digital slide showing of the Nature, Wildlife, Color and Creative divisions of the, PSA sponsored, San Joaquin Valley International Exhibition that took place in March. World class images from some of the best photographers in the world are included in this program.  The programs were created by Sam Shaw, FPSA, GMPSA and Loye Stone, PPSA.

April 14, 2015 - Tony Sweet DVD

March 2015 - Sometimes Adults Play Dress Up Slide Show

Sam Shaw PPSA, MPSA did a digital slide show program that he created titled "Sometimes Adults Play Dress-Up"  (keep your hat on, this will be good clean fun).  When we think about someone playing dress-up what comes to mind is young children, but sometimes adults play dress-up. This program will explore the difference between dressing up in a tuxedo and dressing up in a fun costume. It will be a very different, fun and interesting program.

After the show, Sam will discuss and perhaps demonstrate how he created some of the images in the show and also leave open discussions about creative photography. 

February 2015 - Submitting Images for Competition

Presented by Art Serabian and Loye Stone. Art demonstrated how to resize images using Microsoft Windows Utility, Image Resizer for Windows (no Mac version). The program is free and info can be found at    

Loye demonstrated a simple way of mounting prints for competition and the proper labeling of those prints.  

Those that attended had a nice open talk on techniques for photography, camera settings and night photography.

November 2014 - Preprocessing Resources

In November David Hunter shared how to use preprocessing rescourses to plan your next great photo.

September 2014 - Slide Show featuring SJV International Winners

In September we will be showing the SJV International Nature and Color Divisions.  Join us for an evening of beautiful photography on September 9th

May 2014 - Photo Critique

What Judges look for and How to enter competition.  Bring one or two prints to be critiqued NOT JUDGED! No points will be given, just good input! Hosted by Gary Stewart, this informal event is geared for the newer members of the Club who wish to see how their Prints will do in competition, without fear of embarrassment, and for the more seasoned members who are curious about how a questionable print might do. 

April 2014 - Brent Paull

Brent Paull came and showed us his wildlife photography along with tours that he has set up that members can attend.

February 2014 - Photoshop Elements

Shelley, Dee and Loye hosted the Februry Program Night on February 11th.  The topic was Photoshop Elements.  We shared your questions and ideas as well as our ideas and expertise with ELEMENTS including, sizing images, conversion to monochrome, creative uses and enhancing images.  

November 2013 - Creative Photography with Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw gave a wonderful presentation on Creative Photography with Photoshop and other methods.

May 2013 - SJV International

Shirley Ward showed the images from the San Joaquin International

April 2013 - Portrait Photography

Jonathan Rollins and Gary Stewart gave a workshop on portrait photography and members were able to take photos with their own cameras and the setups provided.

March 2013 - Photoshop Elements

March program night was on Photoshop Elements, the basics and more.  We were taught how to make our imates pop, how to change color to monochorome and a few more tricks and gimicks.

February 2013 - How to Night

How to night, Dee Humphrey ran program night in February.  She showed everyone how to format their images to enter in Fresno Camera Club, SJVCCC, and other contests.

November 2012 - Meet your Neighbours with David Hunter

David Hunter is a member of a worldwide organization called "Meet Your Neighbours".  Visit for more information about this organization.  David is the only photographer west of the Rockies who locate rare specimens and he photographs them in a certain way for uniform publication.